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Functions and Characteristics of GPRS Temperature and Humidity Sensor

GPRS temperature and humidity sensor is a new type of transmitter (compare with GPRS temperature sensor). On the basis of retaining the original sensor function, a module is added. It is no need to wire and monitor the computer on site, which is similar to GPRS temperature sensor. SIM card can be inserted into the module and the data can be uploaded directly to the server and mobile phone with IP address set in the software. The power failure alarm can automatically and regularly transmit real-time data and historical data to the server of the management system.

Functions and Characteristics of GPRS Temperature and Humidity Sensor;

On - site real-time display and recording of temperature and humidity changes on site.

Large screen display, simple operation and reliable performance.

GPRS transmission mode is adopted without field wiring. Adopt digital sensor, data integration with high precision.

Data can be uploaded to the data server regularly. According to the requirements of users, set the upload time interval. Through the data server, historical data and curves can be viewed at any time. You can query the data of any day, month or year.
It has the functions of real-time data query of temperature and humidity by short message and automatic alarm of over-standard short message.The upper and lower limits of the temperature and humidity overrun alarm can be set remotely by the mobile phone.

Do not install the transmitter in a corner of the wall or shielded by a metal shield. If you cannot avoid, you can use an external antenna.
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