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Enterprise energy management system

In order to make the enterprise finish resource allocation, organize production, completion and settlement, cost accounting better, we needs to establish a set of effective energy automation data acquisition system, monitoring the energy supply, so as to realize real time control of the energy situation and the energy automation regulation and control under the firm data foundationthe, meanwhile, to enable enterprise to achieve convenient measurement and cost accounting work.

System introduction

Energy data has the characteristics of standardization, specialization, scientization and timeliness, and is difficult to collect. At the same time, considering the importance of energy data for enterprise decision-making and the dangerous nature of energy itself, higher requirements should be put forward for the energy data acquisition system established by enterprises. Therefore, enterprise energy management system (hereinafter referred to as EMS) must meet the demand of strong professionalism, good real-time performance, remote data exchange and strong availability.

Enterprise energy management system is a number of large and medium-sized application system of technological innovation, to solve the key energy-using units of energy monitoring measurement. It can use the forecast problem of the management and implementation of various energy systems scattered data collection, centralizing traffic control management and energy supply and demand balance, establishing an energy control center for enterprises. In addition, it can monitor the production energy in real time, analyzing and processing it in order to realize the comprehensive monitoring and management functions for energy. Energy optimization measures are given to improve energy efficiency and achieve the goal of enterprise energy saving efficiency and environmental protection.

The characteristics of the system

①Reasonable distribution of converter gas

The amount of pellets was specified and the system was strictly supervised, which ensured the pellets production requirements to the maximum extent and greatly increased the pellets output. Moreover, the unit consumption of pellet converter gas was greatly reduced, and the increase in output also reduced other energy consumption correspondingly.

②Reduce oxygen release

Due to the shortage of oxygen production, the oxygen production branch plant often takes the form of vaporization of liquid oxygen to meet the production. With the fluctuation of production (often occurs), when the demand for oxygen suddenly reduced, it will lead to a sudden rise in oxygen pressure, to which, oxygen operators cannot predict. They can only rush to the vaporization and cut off it after hearing the sound of the release, thus, the oxygen release rate is very high.

③improve the utilization of blast furnace gas

Blast furnace gas is used in sintering, pelleting, iron smelting, lime process, steel rolling and so on because the calorific value of it is low, the quantity of it is large, the pipe is scattered and there are many blind spots in metering. Previously, the measurement statistics cannot keep up with the waste and emptying is very serious. Through the equipping of measuring points in the energy management center system, and through the seamless full coverage measurement tracking, loopholes can be found.

The construction of energy management center system and its being put into use can be effective to the enterprise energy consumption situation of the supervision and management. It provides accurate statistical data for the fine management of the enterprise, and provides effective judgment basis for the decision-makers and management of the enterprise to estimate energy consumption, making investment decisions on technical energy-saving measures It is able to reduce and improve the energy consumption of the enterprise, providing technical support for corporate cutbacks, and bringing considerable economic benefits for the enterprise.

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