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Enterprise energy information monitoring and management system

The system is mainly used for the construction of energy control center and energy management system of energy-using units.

According to the energy-using units, secondary energy-using units and key energy-using equipment, the system differentiates its energy-using units on the basis of measuring point data. In accordance with the national standards, industry standards, ect., it is combined with the practical situation of enterprises, establishing a series of indicators, and the index calculation, analysis, supervision, control, feedback, finally to optimize it to the best level.

It is suitable for different positions:

Business executives, decision-makers: To make your energy costs clear with cost-centered energy consumption structure statistics.

• statistics on energy consumption structure
• energy cost index analysis
• product yield and unit consumption analysis
• product management and benefit analysis

Equipment power department: real-time monitoring of equipment status data

• equipment ledger management
• online monitoring of equipment status
• equipment (asset) management
• equipment maintenance records
• device abnormal state alarm

Production supervisor and branch plant manager: production process monitoring and energy efficiency improvement

• production planning management
energy program management
• analysis of production target completion
• analysis of the completion of energy indicators
• energy efficiency benchmarking
• abnormal production data alarm

Energy saving office, energy saving assessment: energy saving! Let the data speak

• energy performance management
• all-hands energy saving competition
• energy saving detection for the renovation project
• energy consumption alarm

Metrological management department: issue an "id card" to the measuring instrument

• gage ledger
• early warning for strong inspection of measuring instruments
online meter reading records

Statistical department: data statistics, to the system to do it

• enterprise energy consumption statistical report
• energy utilization report
• energy saving statistical report
• energy cost statistics

The characteristics of the system

•Unique code.
It is equivalent to the "identity card" of the measuring instrument. The management of the whole life cycle of the measuring instrument can be realized through this code. The data traceability and validity confirmation based on this code can improve the reliability of measuring data.
• To optimize energy efficiency indicators through the accumulation of practices
The best practice library provided by the system can, on the one hand, compare the equipment energy efficiency and product energy efficiency of enterprises with national standards, local standards and industry standards. On the other hand, through the accumulation of energy efficiency data, the practical process of achieving the best energy efficiency level is summarized to guide the optimization of energy efficiency index and production process.
• integrated management and control
Closely combined with the field control system, the industrialization level can be improved by means of informatization, which not only improves the efficiency, but also improves the efficiency.
• Excel compatible report design and generation
Excel compatible report design and generation tool can free you from tedious and repetitive tabulation work.
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