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The traditional elevator monitoring system adopts the following cable scheme, which provides power supply for related equipment and transmits audio and video monitoring signals and alarm signals to the monitoring center at the same time, so as to realize multiple use of one cable. However, after a long period of periodic reciprocating up and down mechanical movement of the elevator, the trailing cable is often easy to be worn out or even broken. Although the cost of redeploying the trailing cable is not high, it is very easy to have the same consequence again, which makes the maintenance cost of the elevator on the high side.

A new generation of wifi electricity monitor, the launch of the innovation based on the technology of spread spectrum wireless elevator wireless video monitoring solution, its flexible deployment, maintenance is simple, small interference, wireless transmission of audio and video at the same time, effectively avoid the elevator lost over cable fault monitoring picture and audio, fundamentally improved the elevator monitoring faces a series of problems.

In addition, the new generation wifi electricity monitor scheme can support single ladder monitoring, double ladder monitoring, and multiple ladder monitoring. Monitoring video in the elevator car, intercom audio, and alarm signals are sent wirelessly through the industrial-grade wireless bridge (the sending antenna can be deployed at the bottom or top of the elevator car according to actual needs); Install industrial-grade wireless bridge at the bottom (or top) of elevator shaft, receive audio-video and alarm information from video server, and finally transmit to the monitoring center; The monitoring center monitors the images in the elevator in real time through the video monitoring platform system. In case of emergency, it can also realize two-way voice intercom with the personnel in the elevator. At the same time, the platform system can receive emergency alarm information from the elevator.

Elevator wifi electricity monitor program for users to bring innovative elevator wireless monitoring experience, has been successfully implemented in many areas of the country, the building of the elevator construction, its stability, reliability, clear, smooth monitoring screen, won the user's high recognition.
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