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Electronic business skills for wireless meter reading systems for power metering devices

Basing on the inconvenient collection method of electric energy data in our country, a wireless power consumption meter scheme is proposed. With the reform of the economic system going, the timeliness and accuracy of electricity metering, electricity charge accounting and collection has become an important subject for electric power enterprises. But at present our country electric energy data collection basically is the manual reading meter, needs the reading meter personnel to go to the house, every month or every two months to copy, again through the microcomputer or the manual production electricity bill urges the user cable, has the mistake to copy, the leakage to copy, estimates to copy and so on the question. The development and application of wireless power consumption meter is one of the effective ways to solve the above problems. The wireless power consumption meter system is the first step towards distribution automation and helps to improve the level of power management in power system.

In this system, the wireless transmission of data is realized through the wireless data transmission module. In order to make the data transmission between the module and the single-chip microcomputer and the computer correct, the data transmission must be carried out in strict accordance with the transmission format between the computer (single-chip microcomputer) and the module.

The software of this system mainly includes two parts: one is the data acquisition part; The second is the design of PC communication software. Its software design idea is to adopt modular programming, that is, the overall function of the system is completed by each subroutine. The main subroutine has timer interrupt, data is and receive send interrupt service program and so on.
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