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Domestic Power Monitoring System

At present, there are many kinds of technologies used for meter reading in China. Due to the influence of technology and the objective conditions of domestic power grid, many technical problems still exist.

Now, the development of domestic power monitoring system has become the mainstream of meter reading industry. It not only completely avoids the drawbacks of the previous meter reading methods, but also benefits users with excellent network security and low operating costs, making it possible to build a meter reading system with cheap equipment and free from the limitations of distance and space.

The current power monitoring system meter terminal can report the meter data at fixed point and time on its own according to the setting, and the meter reading center can take the initiative to read the value of any piece of meter at any time. Meanwhile, the data will be automatically stored in the database for the convenience of later query by operators. The system can automatically generate daily, monthly report, graph curve, etc., with the characteristics of intuitive, accurate, efficient.

With the development of wireless communication digital network, power monitoring system, which has an extremely broad application field, has become an inevitable trend of development. At present, owing to the wide range of instrument distribution points, most of the power monitoring and control systems still use the wired transmission mode, and the load of line maintenance is very high. As the telephone lines are used by public, conflicts often occur in communication, which not only affects the data transmission but also interferes with the normal work of the management department. In addition, this mode has a certain impact on the normal and stable operation of the interchanger of the communications department. If the dedicated line is used in order to ensure the transmission quality, the investment cost will be too high.

According to the different objections of meter reading, there are three modes as following:

(1) intelligent building meter reading system
(2) large group user meter reading system
(3) power system meter reading system

Large group user meter reading system

Content and form of meter reading

(1) Set the parameters of the electric energy meter and read various metering and management data;
(2) Statistics, query, backup, report and chart generation of meter reading data;
(3) Plant management;
(4) Automatic meter reading, periodic reporting, real-time query, etc.;
(5) Data storage of power lost;
(6) Comprehensive instantaneous flow data processing,
(7) Backup and archive of system data;
(8) The function of historical data event recording ;
(9) Alarm function;

The system can perform intelligent analysis according to the data of meter reading, and provide scientific basis for management department or decision maker, including analysis of the use of electricity, line loss, abnormal electricity, etc.
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