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DISTRIBUELEC Indian electrical exhibition for transmission and distribution and construction of 2019

DISTRIBUELEC Indian electrical exhibition for transmission and distribution and construction is a sister exhibition of ELECRAMA, the world's largest professional electrical and electrician exhibition, which is held every two years in new Delhi and covers an area of 80,000 square meters. The southern part of India is the manufacturing base of India, and Mumbai is the trade center of India. The association of electrical and electronic manufacturers of India is very optimistic about the southern market of India. Every single year, it organizes DISTRIBUELEC India distribution and construction electrical exhibition in Mumbai.

Exhibits Range

Electrical equipment: control panel, cable and cable accessories, conductors and conductors hardware accessories, electrical, electronic components and accessories, electric storage systems, electrical energy measurement, pre-paid meters, smart meters, industrial control and automation system, transformer, instruments and meters, insulator, insulation materials, low voltage control switch, medium voltage control switch and complete sets of substation, power electronics, raw material suppliers, renewable energy, below 33 kv substation equipment, lightning arrester, transformer core, transformer, transmission line accessories distribution system, transformer accessories.

Distribution automation: ac/dc converter, circuit breaker, control system, control panel and its original, data acquisition system, data analysis and distribution automation, demand response services and distribution automation, distribution automation equipment, the energy management system, the current limiter, harmonic measurement equipment, leak detector, load management system, programmable logic control, relay protection equipment, communications equipment and solutions, supervisory control and data acquisition (system), supervisory control and data acquisition (system), installation services.

Substation automation: ac/dc converter, data acquisition system, data analysis system, inverter data logger, substation automation sensor, substation automation simulation technology, substation automation consulting services, substation automation products.

Distributed energy and renewable energy: batteries, demand response services, demand response system, electric vehicles, energy storage, inverter data logger, micro grid inverter technology, renewable energy and intermittent power grid technology.

Solar photovoltaic (pv) grid architecture electric: building automation system and its products, building energy saving and electrical accessories, electrical energy quality management and its products, elevator, cable, lighting control system, intelligent household and community management system, security and fire control, intelligent sensor, intelligent switch and protection devices, rooftop solar equipment, heating ventilation and air conditioning.

Test and measurement equipment: testing and monitoring equipment, cable evaluation test, monitoring and positioning system, cable, equipment monitoring, testing and maintenance equipment testing services, inspection equipment, testing services, monitoring instruments, phase measurement, process control equipment, relay testing, maintenance and monitoring, transformer water management, climate information services.
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