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Construction of Power Management Monitoring System Platform for Large Public Buildings

Energy management is divided into four levels: perception layer-control layer-application layer-service layer. Intensive management can help enterprises to standardize, systematize, digitize and make transparent energy efficiency management.

Product features

Relying on modeling technology to realize high-quality and rapid implementation of products

The model contains energy consumption calculation and analysis models such as electricity consumption and coal consumption. According to the collected data, the energy consumption of equipment, processes and production lines is automatically calculated. By identifying the optimal parameters of the current working conditions, benchmarking with the industry system and combining with the expert knowledge base, the distribution of energy consumption loss is obtained, the causes of different energy consumption are analyzed, and the optimized scheme is proposed.

Establish a big data center for energy analysis to provide scientific decision-making assistance

The on-site information is stored in the central real-time database in real time to establish a stable, reliable, high real-time and high-performance energy data center, which provides powerful data support for production enterprises' comprehensive regulation and management, optimization and balancing of processes.

To unifies the standard and establish digital energy management model for enterprises.

The establishment of multi-level energy management and control mode

Based on the establishment of standard management system with energy index, energy management model of the production enterprise and energy data center in the operation area (group), the centralized monitoring and safe production of the operation area (group)/production base shall be established to provide the leaders of the operation area (group) with real and real-time decision-making information on energy consumption and unit consumption of subordinate production bases.

Visual Monitoring and Analysis Platform for Dynamic Energy Process

Centralized monitoring, control and management of coal, electricity, oil, water, gas and other energy media in the process of purchase, storage, processing, transfer, distribution and terminal use of enterprises, changing blind management into visual management to ensure the safety and availability of energy media in all links.

Function introduction

Standardized management System:

Energy benchmarking and assessment system continues to improve the organization and system of energy management.
Standardized energy management system is the basis for energy application services;
Evaluation and analysis of energy efficiency assessment results provides decision-making support for management;
Customization of energy efficiency assessment rules and expansion of business application scope.

Centralized and Accurate Management:

Visual monitoring platform helps achieve real-time and clear energy control, simplified management and reduced costs.
Refined supervision of energy consumption process makes it possible to analyze system status at any time;
Real - time change and historical tracking of energy data trends make flexible analysis of dynamic characteristics possible;
Monitoring and comprehensive analysis of key energy consuming equipment;
Monitoring of dynamic process of energy data.

Professional scientific management:

Analysis management platform for enterprises' energy efficiency can dig out and analyze big data of energy, thus furthering management to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
Visualized and comprehensive analysis of energy management help enterprises to intelligently manage and control.
Energy balance analysis helps users to understand the energy consumption of enterprises;
Energy forecast assists users to formulate reasonable energy plans, further making scientific comparison between energy plans and energy performance;
Energy cost analysis automatically extracts big data of energy, analyzing real-time consumption costs.

Continuous intelligent management:

Energy management platform focuses on problem tracking and energy optimization run through the whole process.
Energy efficiency diagnosis evaluates real-time energy efficiency of major energy consuming equipment;
Equipment which is high energy consuming has functions like alarm, statistics and analysis that effectively manage the historical alarm information;
Intelligent analysis provides auxiliary decision-making for resolving problems.
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