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Bi-Directional Wi-Fi Energy Meter Solution

We tried to measure the energy flow of the building with two independent wifi meters without using the inverter manufacturer's monitoring system.
It can measure the following parameters.

  • Direct self-use energy
  • Output energy of solar inverter
  • To-grid energy (Exported Energy)
  • From-grid energy (Grid Consumption)
The system can measure power generation revenue and electricity bills simultaneously.
For more detail,pls refer to :

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram

Monitoring system effects



energy balance
energy balance


If you don't want to use it in the solar field, you can use it as an independent meter to measure the energy consumption of the building.

The price of the solar kit consisting of two electric meters is 120USD, excluding shipping costs, and the shipping cost to Australia should be around 20USD (non-remote areas).


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