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Application Scheme of Wifi Electricity Monitor

With the continuous development of urban construction and the continuous improvement of residents' living standard, the demand for electricity is increasing day by day. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the safety, reliability and stability of power supply system. The wifi electricity monitor scheme can optimize the operation management of the power system through various power parameters in the operation of the wireless monitoring system, and greatly improve the security, reliability and stability of the power system operation.

1. System network topology

(1) The principal of network topology

The whole system consists of ring network control cabinet, four-letter f2114-dk power level DTU, central server and GPRS operator network.

2. Operating principle

GPRS Wireless communication instead of the traditional wired communication, through the standard RS232 interface to the field of the intelligent device transmitted data to the monitoring center, on the contrary, the monitoring center can also be through the GPRS network control commands, data and other transmission to the remote terminal station.

In the remote terminal station, GPRS network can be used to transmit the switch closure information, trip information, current flow, voltage, electricity measurement, line fault and other data collected in the above systems according to the need. By monitoring and controlling the operation status of various electrical equipment, the operation mode of distribution network can be optimized. In case of failure or abnormal operation, give an alarm promptly, restore normal power supply in time, reduce power failure time and ensure the safe operation of power grid; Record the time and type to provide some reference for maintenance personnel and technicians to improve equipment, so as to improve the quality of power supply.

3. Features of wifi electricity monitor scheme

(1) It reduces the construction cost

Adopts the standard RS232 port for data collection and real-time data transmission, and improves the timeliness of data.

(2) Convenience

It is convenient to use wireless GPRS network to transmit data and simplify the inconvenience of network wiring;

(3) Improve the reliability and stability

Power supply monitoring center is able to real-time view the running status of the terminal, fault alarm, timely lift.
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