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Application of WiFi Technology in Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

Temperature and humidity monitoring are more and more widely used in industry, agriculture, chemical industry and other industries. In many cases, temperature and humidity monitoring need to monitor multiple points in a large space and multiple points in different spaces. In order to accurately monitor the temperature and humidity of multiple observation points in real time, it is necessary to realize the measurement and wireless transmission of the distribution of temperature and humidity.

WiFi is more and more popular because of its high transmission speed, large coverage, simple networking and seamless connection with the Internet. With lower cost and increasing reliability of embedded WiFi chips, WiFi technology has become a solution of embedded network featuring development advantages.

The temperature and humidity monitoring based on WIFI consist of temperature and humidity sensors, microcontrollers and WiFi modules. Each collecting node collects temperature and humidity by using a microcontroller, and then sends the temperature and humidity parameters of each collecting node to a remote server through a WiFi module and a wireless router.

The system has the characteristics of simple wiring, fast acquisition speed and flexible application, and can realize widely distributed centralized visual monitoring of temperature and humidity.

DeviceBit's temperature and humidity monitoring system can store and analyze data, and can output and print historical data and graphs. In case of environmental temperature and humidity overrun, it can also realize various forms of notification to corresponding supervisors, such as on-site audible and visual alarm, mobile phone short message alarm, mail alarm, etc., thus realizing more real-time and accurate temperature and humidity detection, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, and greatly improving management efficiency.

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