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Application areas of wireless temperature humidity monitor

Application areas:

Hospital, CDC Laboratory

Through wireless temperature and humidity sensor, you can monitor the ambient temperature and humidity of the laboratory at any time and anywhere.

The sensor is placed in the refrigerator to monitor the storage temperature of the medicine to prevent the failure of the medicine caused by power failure or refrigerator failure.

Supermarket Cabinet

After the large supermarket cabinets are equipped with temperature sensors, it is no longer necessary to register each refrigerator display cabinet every two hours manually.

Through the cloud platform, managers can check the temperature of refrigerators with mobile phones, deal with alarms immediately, and export reports at the end of the month.

In order to monitor the temperature of refrigeration equipment safely, supermarkets usually use traditional methods to collect and record data manually or electronically. The disadvantage of this method is that when the temperature exceeds the limit or the refrigeration function is actually hindered, there is no automatic alarm to the person in charge. Creative Sensor Cloud on-line monitoring facilitates the viewing, management and analysis of data anytime and anywhere through personal computers, smart-phones or tablets. If the threshold is exceeded, the system will automatically send out an alarm.


The temperature of the natural museum warehouse should be kept at about 20 C, the temperature difference should not exceed 7 C, and the relative humidity should be kept at about 50% RH for storage.

When the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are not suitable for commodity storage, effective measures should be taken to regulate the temperature and humidity in the warehouse in time.

The temperature and humidity sensor monitoring system based on Sixin LoRa wireless communication technology can automatically monitor temperature and improve safety and work efficiency. The most important thing is that there will be no hidden danger of temperature exceeding threshold anymore, and the alarm information will be received as soon as the equipment fails.
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