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Alarm System of GPRS Temperature Sensor

Alarm mode of GPRS temperature sensor: alarm system of GPRS temperature sensor can simultaneously monitor the changes of measured values of digital temperature sensors, temperature, humidity, voltage, current, pressure or other types of transmitters. It has wired triggering and wireless triggering alarm functions. It can also be equipped with MMS camera, power on air conditioner automatic starting module, power off / power on, smoke, flooding, entrance guard and other detectors to expand its application range. When any alarm occurs, the alarm system will send an alarm short message to the mobile phone-Apple or Android mobile phone and the alarm monitoring center to describe the alarm reason, and dial the preset alarm receiving mobile phone number in turn.

The alarm receiving personnel can judge the alarm reason and location through monitoring data and short message content. The alarm monitoring center can display the alarm location on the map. The alarm system can immediately return the on-site monitoring value; You can set a certain interval to return the field monitoring value; set a daily fixed-point to return site monitoring value; use mobile phone or computer to surf the internet, view and record the change data of various measured values in real time, and make the data into charts for statistics and printing so that engineers and technicians can analyze and study the monitored data. The remote controlling relay can be switched on and off immediately or in time delay through mobile phones-Apple or Android mobile phones and alarm monitoring centers, and the linkage relay can be set to be switched on and off during alarm. When receiving the alarm information, the software of the alarm monitoring center will display the alarm time, content, alarm telephone number, contact person, contact telephone number, address and other relevant information on the computer screen, and automatically store the information on the computer hard disk so as to query or print in the future and improve the management of receiving the alarm. Alarm System of GPRS Temperature Sensor is suitable for communication base stations, computer rooms, power distribution rooms, Armories, archives, libraries, warehouses, production workshops, drug warehouses, refrigerators, freezers, greenhouses and other places requiring remote monitoring of on-site images, monitoring of on-site sounds and real-time recording of measurement data.

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