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Company Introduction

Beijing Lewei IoT Technologies Co.Ltd is based in Beijing, with many branches located in Shanghai, Nanjing and Dalian.

As a high tech company and professional IoT solutions provider, Beijing Lewei IoT Technologies Co.Ltd is running one of the well-known public IoT platform DeviceBit with more than 20000 registered users and 40000 online devices. We are aiming at providing professional one-stop IoT solutions for traditional industry, especially in energy monitoring and environmental monitoring.

We have an enthusiastic team with experienced IT system developer, Embedded Hardware Developer and excellent marketing team with overseas working experience in well-known companies, excellent English communicating skills and rich R&D experience and high achievements in relative fields.

DeviceBit focuses on making opportunities for a win-win cooperation, being professional in the innovation and application of IoT and Cloud Technology in several industries. As one of the few well-known companies in China that are able to provide complete solutions and services including data collection, visualized remote management and mass data analysis, DeviceBit aims at  providing comprehensive customized monitoring premium services with high quality and low costs.

Our IoT integration solutions can serve multiple industries and currently have many successful cases in energy and environmental monitoring. For example, we have developed energy monitoring system and related hardware products (Wi-Fi meters, GPRS meters), solar monitoring systems and solar inverter data collectors, temperature and humidity monitoring systems and internet-enabled temperature and humidity sensors (Wi-Fi/ GPRS/LTE Temperature and Humidity Sensor). These industry applications are connected to a large number of devices and serve a large number of users.

DeviceBit is not only a simple solution provider for monitoring, but also serves as a platform to connect end-users, installers/integrators and device manufacturers.

We have high requirements for the quality of our products. Our software products are in compliance with ISO9000 software standards and have professional testing reports. Our hardware products are in compliance with many industry standards such as CE and RoHS, and have relevant test reports and certificates.

We provide very flexible and customized services, and create their own monitoring systems and products according to customer's requirements.

We provide more than monitoring!

Company Culture

Our Value:

Integrity, Responsibility, Customer-Oriented and Win-win is the key value of our company. With that, we pursuit of creating competitive IoT products and service.


We believe that the data can create the value. We believe that the IoT technology can change your life.

Our Mission is to grow and develop our IoT network by providing the highest quality IoT products and cloud service in more and more different fields. Anyone who joins our IoT network will contribute your data and effort to make the life better.

Our Vision is "Link Everyone With Every Idea", for which our company name “LEWEI” is short for.

Our English Brand is DeviceBit, and we are going to create the vast value by a large bits of data generated by all connected devices.
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