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  • Low power wireless reception

    Low power wireless reception

    March 13, 2019The low-power wireless receiving module transmits data remotely through GPRS or short message, which is especially suitable for monitoring occasions of solar power supply and can greatly reduce the co...view
  • Integrated wireless solar energy monitoring monitor

    Integrated wireless solar energy monitoring monitor

    May 22, 2019Wireless solar monitoring, one might say, has been around for a long time. But since it is "artifact", it must have the characteristics of "artifact". Our "artifact" is divided into the receiver and t...view
  • wireless solar energy monitor system

    wireless solar energy monitor system

    July 23, 2019Because the installation environment of field monitoring system is mostly in sparse and harsh places, there is generally no normal and stable AC power supply; in this case, solar or wind power generat...view
  • internet connected temperature sensor

    internet connected temperature sensor

    July 23, 2019The internet connected temperature sensors are one of the core technologies supporting the Internet of Things (IOT), and are considered as a major revolution in industrial automation networks and sign...view
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